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Hiiiiiiii 🙂 It’s been a while since we’ve connected, I’ve missed writing to you, I hope you know. Ascend with Amber is a monthly letter that I conceptualized, in an effort to connect more intimately with my subscribers and followers of Word to the Wise. The ultimate goal of Ascend with Amber, is to ascend—go higher—together. To create rhythms and rituals, together, that best allow us to be our best and live our definition of a good life. I am big on ‘why’s’, knowing the purpose behind things, so before going through with this idea, I had to ask myself, why do we try and be our best? What’s the point, if ultimately, all were going to do, is die? I came to the conclusion that, for me, being your best, means to you embody a peace, a self-assuredness, and a joy, that is independent of any external event or circumstance. I also decided that, that’s the only “best” worth being. By being your best, the life we live is high quality and worth living. It is also important, to actualize your potential, in order to serve our world, but it’s hard to get to a place, where you’re not being a better person or accomplishing a bunch of bullshit, because you want to be better than other people. Being better than other people, the unconscious or conscious striving for it, is poison. We all do it in one way or another, its human nature.

One rhythm that I have successfully implemented, in an effort to be my best and live out my definition of a good life, is the naming of my months. At the close of one month, and the beginning of another, I name my month—gratitude, security, health— in hopes that I will invite, whatever I’ve named my month, into my life, with my actions. It’s a ritual that some of my girlfriends and I created while in college, except we used to name our year. Now, I also set a few goals for the month. I named January simplicity; After the irrational amounts of gifts I bought in December, food I consumed, and the spending I did in New York, I realized that what you do with a little is what you do with a lot. I realized that I didn’t need to buy anything more, to get where I was trying to go, but instead, the best thing I could do was maximize what I already had. In the month of January, I didn’t pay for dance classes and instead took the choreography that I already knew and added my own style to it and mastered it, on the wooden floor of my living room. I cooked cool new dishes at home and packed a lunch for work for two weeks, instead of eating out, and I did no shopping of clothing for the entire month. Naming my months helps me to see myself more clearly; what I’m doing well, what I am struggling with. I am also deeply spiritual, so naming my months helps me to connect with God, and keep internal peace. 

I named the month of February Silence. I absolutely love blasting my music every chance I get! In my car, in my house, on my phone; whenever its appropriate and I’m able. This month, however I decided that a great way that I could invite silence into my life would be, to eliminate music from my normal house-car-cellphone-laptop routine. I could create my own music by signing or the guitar, but that was it. The month of silence, was an effort to invite more presence into my life, an effort to withhold from vices that allow me to avoid myself. Music makes moments even more fun, but I was utilizing it mainly to escape the present. By evading the present, with my thoughts or music, I was essentially labeling the present, “not good enough” and declaring that I wasn’t satisfied with it. I like to go for runs in my neighborhood, and listening to music while I run is typically the best part! This month, I honestly didn’t even want to try and run with no music, but I did, and it was like a form of meditation! I can focus on my breathing, pay attention to the scenery, BAM, I’m relaxed, while RUNNING! Crazy. The month isn’t completely over, so I can’t really share with you everything I’ve learned just yet,

But I’m sharing all of this with you because, I want this to be OUR ritual that we implement together. At the beginning of every month, I’ll give it a name, and we’ll respond to that name in our own unique way, together. If you wanna share what you’ve learned or how your growing during the month, or when I post my monthly ascend with amber letter, feel free to share your reflections in my comments section of each post. I’m excited journey with you, and grow with you.  

You’ll get your first official ascend with amber, in March 🙂


With Love and Light,

Amber B


3 thoughts on “ascend with amber

  1. I like trying personal mini projects the way you do, Amber. Like listening to less loud music to be in the moment, I try to eat less chocolate to be more healthy. Getting into better habits can be very satisfying I found.

    I’m looking forward to the Ascend With Amber letters.

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