Monthly Letter: why?

Good Evening my friends : ) As I am readying to publish this monthly letter, I realize that we are already 6 months into the New Year! As in, half of the new year is already gone. As in, the New Year is officially not “New” anymore. Where did the time go? Did you make a New Years resolution? If so, how are you doing with it? Now–at the half way mark–is a great time to check in about that. If you have not yet made a New Years resolution it is not too late to set a goal for the rest of the year. Do not act too cool for a News Years resolution! Don’t be one of those people that says “I don’t make New Years resolution’s. When I see that I need to make a change in my life, I make it right then and there” Don’t be that guy! I used to be that guy. But not this year, I made a New Years resolution this year and it is: (not to over-share or anything) to get my emotional world in order. I tended to focus on the external a lot; but like many things doing so was merely an avoidance strategy. I am so proud of my 2016 New Years resolution, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made right next to dying my hair Black again after dying it Blonde in the 12th grade to piss off my mom.

Last month, we named March the Month of Taking Responsibility of our lives. We decided that we would stop avoiding confronting bad habits and actualizing dreams. We decided that for the month of March, we would specifically focus on discontinuing procrastinating and take practical steps forward towards goals that we have yet to face. Last month I committed to successfully implementing a morning ritual that I’ve inconsistently implemented every month prior. The ritual is as follows: I wake up at 5:30am, recite some scriptures and read affirmative mantras, go to yoga, come home, read and write and then get ready for work. You guys, For the first 2.5 weeks I did not miss a day and then I got sick! Never the less it was a pretty cool set up because I got to notice the differences between waking up early consistently and then not.

Consistently implementing a morning ritual allows me to be in a good mood during the day. While I was recovering from my cold and not attending yoga regularly there was noticeable change in my mood; I was more easily irritated. One day on my way home from work for lunch, a woman was driving a little too close to me and I called her a bitch. That was a sign to myself that I was not very centered and that’s exactly what waking up early and prioritizing your well-being does; its helps you to have a good perspective.

Also, Implementing a morning ritual allowed me to realize that its not what you do that brings you joy, but instead it is the attitude that you approach it with that does. It is the enjoyment, acceptance or enthusiasm that we bring to our everyday tasks that makes our lives worthwhile. This lesson reminds me of a quote that a woman in the rehabilitation program at HomeBoy Industries shared “You don’t have to find your purpose, you just have to live life purposefully. You don’t need to find your passion, you just need to live life passionately”

In order to live in such a fashion, we must approach everything that we do with an extraordinarily compelling, ‘Why’

Why  do I wake up in the morning? Why do I write? Why do I dance? What is a seven word sentence that defines the essence behind everything I do?

While working for a boutique Media Group in Riverside California I posed as a Writer and Project Director. For one project in Particular I interviewed around twenty local small business owners. So many of those interviews have stuck with me even to this day. The personal informs the professional so all of the interviews were very vulnerable. One small business I covered was co-owned by two gay Korean men who are full of wisdom strength and insight. One of them I related too so much, he is in his fifties. When talking about his profession during our interview he relayed to me passionately “I HAVE to do this” it was almost as if he did his job as if his life depended on it, with every particle of his being, with intention and care and even enthusiasm at times.

His story is profound and colorful: He is a gay Korean male who was raised in Korea and moved to the states on his own in his twenties. He’s experienced the dark uncertain and unfamiliar depths of heartbreak, he’s accepted himself and he’s created a successful life for himself in the US. Because of this he is able to approach his work with an extraordinarily compelling ‘why’. During our interview he did not disclose what his ‘why’ is, but he did tell me that he found it on his own and because of that, no one could take his why away from him.

The month of June is the month of Why? What is the motivating force of your existence? Why do you do what you do? What is your 7 word purpose sentence?

In an effort to find my ‘why’, this month I will be exploring themes of Gods love  and practice gratitude. I’ll be implementing gratitude rituals and make a conscious effort to realize and be thankful for the life that I have, as is. Happiness is not in more, it is in now. I will also be reflecting on what we named the last six months and observe the changes that have taken place or lack thereof.

What is your Why? Discover it this month


With Love and Light,


Amber B






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