On Being a Woman

In how many ways
can we
adorn our bodies?
In an attempt to
Be “beautiful”
In an attempt to
Feel loved

Long hair

Tiny frame

Mother Teresa complex

Face masked with make up
Heart full of fear
Mind full of angst

Why don’t we
approach the definition of Beauty




Why don’t we

Redefine beauty in a way that accommodates us

Instead of vise versa

Why don’t we


Physical perfectionism
Emotional perfectionism
Interpersonal perfectionism


Why not, instead

Be real

Be real nice
really nice

I’d rather be real mean
than fake nice

-Amber B

I know I was a bit silent last month. I’ve been creating. and wrestling. and creating. and wrestling. You’ll hear from me again soon enough. Its nice to know that you’re rooting for me as I find my way ❤ Here's another piece

You are never truly alone
at the very least
very least
you are


When you say "I am lonely"
you are saying

'i can not bear it any longer to be with, my lonely self'

'I cannot bear it too much longer to be with, my empty self'

lonliness is an emotional state
It is a thought that's reminding you that you aren't

totally present

It is a ghosts from your past, lingering in your present

lying to you


If you focus on it
Stop thinking
Breathe deeply

Thank God for breath
Thank God for life
Thank God for health

And watch in awe
as your lonliness
transmutes into

sweet solitude

-Amber B

Speak soon!

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