Monday Night Musings

Even on the days that I waste my time, and engage with activities that are not conducive to the sustainability of a healthy self-esteem, I just laugh it off because this whole ‘life’ thing is completely meaningless…

which is fucking hilarious

The spirit of God is the Highest good. It is literally heaven, and it exists within you. Us. Stop searching. You have access to it right now. like right-now-right-now.

It is all you need to have a happy, peaceful and ‘Good’ life. Everything else is a distraction.

Becoming a better person=distraction

Chasing your dreams=distraction

Being anxious=distraction

Working a lot=distraction

Wishing for a vacation=distraction

Distraction from what? From the fact that–in your opinion–who you are and what you have, now

are not enough.

-Amber B

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