forgiveness and love:

forgiveness is my ability to realize that we are all equals and that i have committed the same misguided choices-- mistakes, as others have. if i am unable to see myself in the flaws of someone else, it is my own suffering that is blocking my vision. when i forgive, i say: "have i made [...]

words of a woman

words of a woman is my mini-documentary series about women, inspired by boombox in the sky, my debut book of poetry and prose that you can purchase at my books tab. it was filmed by my girl samantha menses and directed and edited by myself. boombox in the sky is a book of poetry purposed to [...]

word to the wise two-point-oh

hey whats up hello! oh my sweet baby jesus it has been so long since i have written to you, but girl we got a makeover check out the new place! you'll notice that there is a new books tab. its there because i wrote a book... i moved to LA exactly six months ago [...]