the power of choice and time

i have been so convicted about choice and time lately. so so deeply moved by the power of our personal choice and the ruthlessness of ‘time’. time is so ruthless! it does not care what your starting point in life is, doesn't care if you’re having a bad day, doesn't care if you refuse to [...]

boundaries for beginners

a boundary is an act of self-compassion. a boundary is when a self-loving individual draws an emotional line in the sand that guards their capacity to: trust themselves hear their truth/intuition love themselves take care of themselves heal themselves and honor exactly how they feel and not how their ‘supposed’ to feel in order to [...]

healing heartbreak part two

  low relationship standards healing heartbreak is a slow process that requires commitment and self-compassion. you have to really align yourself with God and listen to your intuition because if you listen to the relationship standards of our culture which are so low and damaging and filled with quick fixes and toxic instant gratifiers you [...]