My name is Amber Bernadette Coleman—but I go by Amber B. I am a storyteller through various art forms but mainly Singing, Songwriting, and Dancing. I am from Orange County, CA but currently live in Los Angeles.

Before moving to Los Angeles about 3 years ago to pursue a dream, I had a professional career working in Media and Politics. I have a Bachelors Degree in Public Policy and during my undergraduate education I studied European Politics in the UK, Interned for the California State Legislature, Girls Incorporated and BET. Months after I graduated, I began working full time for a Black Media Group as a Writer and Project Director and built my resume there for one year before I was recruited to work for a State Legislator as a Field Representative. I worked for the CA State Legislature as a Field Representative for a little less than a year before I began to reconsider…everything.

Towards the end of my time working for the State Legislature I felt a nudge. A nudge to go deeper—in every aspect of my life. The career path that I’d chosen was one that was true to a version of myself that I was ready to let go of for a while in order to fulfill a greater purpose in life that I’d always known was my truest path, which was ultimately:

To be true to who I am and use that in the service of others

…But it took some time for me to grow into that, as well as to realize that I really wanted to Sing. When I first moved to Los Angeles, my goal was to become a Professional Back Up Dancer and my ideal job was a World Tour dancing for Beyonce. After 8 months in Los Angeles I got signed to my dream dance agency, BlocLA, and began to audition and book music videos and commercial jobs. I auditioned for Beyonce’s camp but didn’t land that particular project that they were auditioning.

The entire time that I was in LA hustling and working hard to make it as a Back Up Dancer, Singing jobs were chasing me down. Out of nowhere a Studio would reach out to me on social media asking me to audition to act and sing in a film or an opportunity to be the opener for a play would find me, so finally I decided to surrender and walk through the doors that were opening instead of forcing my way in a direction that might have limited my purpose and ability to express myself fully as an Artist.

Since taking this new direction, I put out an 7 song R&B EP titled Phoenix, you can listen to it on my home page. I wrote the entire thing, created all of the melodies and even co-produced it. Its a project that captures the gray areas that we find ourselves in as we grow through life, the heart aches that we experience, the lessons we learn, the love that we feel and the beauty of experiencing it all.

Take a listen and let me know what your favorite song is! I also perform at various venues, so far mainly in Los Angeles.

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Amber B