My name is Amber B,

I am an Artist who primarily Sings, Writes Songs and Dances; I Write because I have to, I Sing because it brings me joy and I Dance for freedom.

I was a Writer by trade for a few years after completing my undergraduate degree with a BA in Public Policy at the University of California and after three years of working in the Corporate world as a Writer, Project Director and District Representative, I decided to follow my dream of being a full-time Artist.

Walking in my purpose is what motivates me and empowering Women to find their unique voice purpose and power is important to me. Women were not placed on Planet Earth to only support our significant other in pursuing their purpose, but we have our own important unique purpose, too.

I was raised in Orange County California, a very conservative town for a young Black girl to grown up. But, by the grace of God, I found my voice, I found a way to love myself and I found a way to confidently live that out. My prayer is always that my Art will pull that out of my listeners

While living in Los Angeles and pursuing my dream I also Substitute teach K-12 aged students at the local school district. This combination of dream chasing, mixed with facilitating adolescent learning as they facilitate my maturation has produced some very beautiful outcomes within my mind and soul. 

If that’s not enough and you’d like to know more about me: Take a look around, read some of my blogs, listen to my EP Phoenix, follow me on IG, send me a message or share you thoughts in the comments.

-Amber B