New Single + PhoenixEP

listen to Be Loved + watch visuals for my first single.

feel your entire life, every moment and everyday.

Pain aspiring to evolve out of pain—especially when you’ve experienced utter devastation more than once—is initially very appealing. This idea that we can evolve perfectly, that we can respond perfectly in any given instance, instead of being emotional or ‘imperfect’ at times. The notion that we should have this ability to smile and wave goodbye, [...]

i’ve been. broken open.

play this softly while you read my blog, for its full effect. religion isn't my thing anymore, i can only do relationship. theology isn't my thing anymore, i can only do experience. it wasn't a conscious decision i made, but the foundation of my religion inevitably crumbled because its foundation was faulty and i had [...]

forgiveness and love:

forgiveness is my ability to realize that we are all equals and that i have committed the same misguided choices-- mistakes, as others have. if i am unable to see myself in the flaws of someone else, it is my own suffering that is blocking my vision. when i forgive, i say: "have i made [...]

who do you think you are?

who do you think you are?

A few months ago I set some personal goals and decided that singing at open mic’s was going to be something I wanted to do regularly. I googled ‘local open mic’ and found one that was up the street from my apartment every Monday. Monday approached and I decided to check it out first before [...]

why not?

why not?

There's a rate-race-dating-mentality that's super prevalent among my fellow twenty-somethings everyones afraid no ones saying how they really feel quick to give up to force things why give up so easily? let go, sure but why, give up? men are all predisposed in the same fashion women are all predisposed in the same fashion we [...]